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Once again fighting for her life against the knife of Michael Myers, Danielle Harris reestablished herself as a horror icon to a new generation of fans.

As more roles in horror films followed, including five different projects due out in 2011, Danielle Harris has become one of the most prolific scream queens in the world of horror today.

Harris continues, "I told Tyler, ' You need to put on pads. I actually need pads.' And I was like, ' Yeah.

Of course you do.'"But kicking ass comes at a price: For every showdown with a masked killer, there's a recovery period where Harris has to nurse her wounds — both physical and psychological.

Her list of film credits include some of the most popular guilty pleasures from the last twenty years including Yet, despite her versatility, Danielle has made her biggest mark on the world of horror films.

Entering the realm of horror at age ten, Danielle played Jamie Lloyd, the niece of masked serial killer Michael Myers, in (1989).

I've been doing so many movies lately where I've been freezing my ass off. I haven't really read anything lately that I would I'd love to bring my friends in on my next project- work with my girls. If I go to auditions for comedies, I don't usually do well.

Harris relocated to New York for the role and left the series in December 2004.

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Danielle at the Toronto Wizard World Show in March 2011.

With a steady stream of film buffs lining up to talk to her throughout the three day event, it was clear that Danielle has become a fan favorite for those who remember her from her early days as a child actress, and those who more recently discovered her as a cult film icon.

I'd love to be relaxing in the water, have it smell amazing, be nice and sun tanned- and have a big, fabulous, double-shot cocktail... It's great to show up to a set when you know almost everyone that is there. Those are the ones that I usually do better on, and I think that his movies are more my sense of humor. I can't even audition for movies that would force me to go into the ocean, it's an issue for me. I love the water- also pontoon boats, jet skis, and sailing. People reading this are going to think that I am absolutely out of my mind.

When I do horror movies, they're so hard to do and there's so much work required that a romantic comedy might end up being lame.

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